The networking and internet access setup for the whole of Unit 5 is outlined below. Please keep this up to date if you change anything.

Crimping your own Ethernet cables?

If you are running any hand-crimped Ethernet, please use Cat5e cable (futureproofing for gigabit and power-over-Ethernet) with T-568B style wiring at both ends to maintain consistency throughout. Important hand-crimped cables must have boots, should be appropriately colour coded, and labelled to indicate their purpose. Boots aren’t essential for connecting fixed PCs (except for servers).

Network hierarchy

  • Netgear ADSL Router: on floor inside main electrical cabinet. Internet connection provided by a TalkTalk ADSL connection, accessible at Also known as TimBernersLee. Belongs to Ross Kilgariff.
    • Cisco switch: under the worktops in the computer area. Connected by Ethernet with blue boots along back wall under worktops. Plan is to wire up nearby fixed/desktop PCs (and disable their wireless) to improve speed and reduce the wireless load.
      • Netgear PoE switch: under the lecture station near the kitchen. Connected by Ethernet with green boots via overhead ducts, wiring style unknown so beware. Provides wired network access to lecture station devices (except Chromecast), and PoE for powering network hardware where electrical wiring would be awkward.
        • Ubiquiti UniFi: mounted to underside of air duct in centre of room. Connected by Ethernet with blue boots via overhead ducts, assigned to, can only be configured through Ubiquiti’s cloud software. Powered by Netgear PoE switch, so must be connected to a PoE port.
          • WiFi – Unit 5: general use wireless for all. Password is “dundeemakerspace”. Suitable for 2.4GHz and 5GHz devices. Might be speed capped, but speed cap should be moved to only internet connection long-term.
          • WiFi – Unit 5 Super Secret: reserved for use by hardware/users that need wireless priority.
            • Chromecast: under the lecture station near the kitchen. Connected to “Unit 5 Super Secret!” wireless but accessible from anywhere on the main network.
      • IP camera: mounted on wall above switch. Powered by Ubiquiti PoE injector as the Cisco switch doesn’t have power, and camera location is awkward for wiring to mains. Talk to Gordon Gray about how it’s configured or accessible. Plan is to move it to opposite pillar facing towards the wall so that it can only see the Makerspace area and not spy on Unit 5’s other residents.
      • General workstation PCs: under worktops around the computer area. Predominantly linux. Connected by PCI wireless cards for now, but plan is to migrate them to wired network (in progress).
      • Specialist hardware PCs: scattered around CNC area near fire exit. These run Windows for specialist software relating to printer, 3D printer, vinyl cutter and laser cutter. Connected by wired Ethernet, with their PCI wireless cards disabled in Windows.
    • Makerspace server: on floor outside main electrical cabinet. Plan is to move routing duties to the server and use the TalkTalk box as a modem/bridge.