Woodlarone board game working title (Biome game jam)

Our neighbors Biome game collective ran 1 day game jam this weekend. I went along because i was itching for a good jam fix. The format was different to usual jams in that is was only 1 day , 10.30 – 6.00 and when we got there there was no theme but a limitation that you had to use some new tool to make a game.  Which was quite good but relay open so i also took that as the theme “try something new” Also teams of 2 were create by putting everyone’s name in a hat and getting randomly matched. I matched with Giedre Olsauskaite @GgGiedre, an artist who i had worked with in 2nd year group project at unit, was good to have  a catch up. It was a nice day so we had a brainstorming session on the grassy hill in front of the unit 5 building.

I didint feel like coding so we decided to make a physical game and stay away from the computer. My initial idea for a game was a card game themed around going to a tapas restaurant and at first things seemed to go well, Was using the card game sushi go as the inspiration game, and adding different elements , but we kept going round in circles on cretin design points, could work just didint have enough time. We had came up with the idea of not having cars but little triangles with different info on each side so that one pice of info was hidden to the players at any one time.

Would have shown fullness , happens and food group on each one of the sides, this was a good idea but needed simplified for the time we had so Giedre drew a black dot and a white dot on some of the sides and something just clicked. We toyed with the idea of having recipie cards for the tapas game so we made a resipy card that had to be matched to win. Then developed a turn order and options. Giedre came up with a dice based points system that worked well, but needed balanced as we just assigned every option a number 1 – 6, the other option was to make the dice roll match a number and you had to do that option but that sounded too annoying so we didint , or get rid of the dice completely and just have a list of things you could do in a turn but they might have been a bit over powered so the points per turn made sense.

The paper prototype was made of small bits of paper folded twice and taped at the top to make a triangle shape.

This worked well and was fun from the outset but the face they were made of paper soon came to be a problem as Giedre sighed at one point and her pices went everywhere.

At this point we realized that the game was basically done and we still had a couple of hours left so I showed Giedre  the laser cutter and how we could make the pices on it. we started a small production line. I cut some triangles on the cutter and we tested if sanding the white sides looked ok and different enough and wee though it did so we ran with it. We super glued 2 6mm triangles together to get a good thickness, then sanded Giedre  while I cut more and made a base for them to sit in so they didnt fall over. And rote a rules sheet.

The final touch was to make something for the game to go in. At first we had talked about a long toblarone type box but i thought that might take a bit of time and we only had 10 minits left so went for a cloth bag. Searched through the scraps bag at the sewing area and found some black fabric and a pice of ribbon which should work. The sewing machine sewed for about 2 inches then the thread broke was about to give up on that idea when i realized that the bobbin was empty. Quickly refilled it and sewed round the edges allowing for a pull string ti close the bag. Flipped it inside out and it was done just in time.

Il post the dxf file here for anyone who wants to cut there own.



Il make a how to play and sample play through video at some point and post it here.

Overall relay good jam because it was different from the usual format and im exited to see what other experimental jams Biome dose in the future.