Vape Battery Removal Tool


A friend of mine has a vape (vaporizer?) that is meant to be taken apart by hand.  The bit you take off of the battery to clean out the juice between flavors is easy to tighten too much.  The piece is seen below with the knurling on it.  We tried to loosen the piece with hands and various ill-suited tools but didn’t want to get too barbaric in fear of damaging something.  I had just toured the space that week so the laser cutter came to mind.



Nothing much to say since it was a single cut with the laser cutter.  The design could have been simpler but I figured I might as well try out the grips.  For reference, the center to center spacing of the grips is 2cm which turned out to be a good distance.  Maybe a bit more for larger hands.


Transferring it to the laser didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  I used Onshape (an online cad service) to design it and exported in DXF format.  The file loaded fine into the laser software but the scale was off.  Alastair helped me get it sized about right but I was worried the main hole would be too tight.  Nothing a little sanding couldn’t fix.

Tool and Vape


The piece was actually removed easily by hand the day I actually cut this so I didn’t get to test it for a few weeks.  It fit very well without sanding and performed its job perfectly.

Tool on Vape

Piece Removed


If I were to make another one I have a few things I would change.

With nothing being clamped in the hole, there is a risk of the handles being squeezed to the point the wood fails.  Changing the internal space from a plain V so that it includes two protruding surfaces that are very near each other would fix this.  Think of the pieces that stop a pair of scissors from closing too far.

Next would just be decorative.  I could have etched her name in it or other embellishments.  Painting or staining the wood is also an option.  I’ll leave it up to her to decorate it at this point.