String Puppets

Iv always wanted to make a relay nice string puppet with good articulation. I tryed to make one our of sticks and stuff when i was 6 or 7 and as i remember it was ok, think i used proper hooks for joints and stuff, it was based on the digimon puppetmon:

Sadly i don’t think i took or keped any photos of this ­čÖü

I also tried a couple of years ago and it was based on a Possible Del Toro version of Pinocchio. A movie that has kind of just dissapered, hope it get picked up again and made.

I saw these pictures and though i have to try to make one of my own.
1865t26mx7kwdjpg pinocchio2

Heres what i came up with:

2015-09-20 23.10.54
I┬áthink it looks quite good not got the nails and stuff in hum coz that looks a bit weird. The problem with him is that it dose not control well, I think this is because of the clay I used to make it. Its called Super clay, can get it from home bargains, its quite nice to use and air drys (but takes ages) and is then really light which i think is the problem. The limbs need more weight to get less flouaty controls. The joints are connected with string which runs right through each limb. Also the standard T shaped control system didin’t work very good. I did have a nice detachable hand stick for arm movement but as i said everything was a bit floaty and keped spinning round. and the strong string is distracting and chunky.┬áll this being said I went and did it again with a character form a game called Puppeteer for the ps3. The main character called Kutaro.
So i made the same mistake as before as i am impatient and used superclay again.
Here’s all the parts, I realize now that the proportions are way off but ye I’m impatient so just went with it , plus i thought i could shape / carve into the clay┬ámore after it dried but it didn’t carve nicely so dosen’t look as wooden as i would have liked. Might actually make this out of a reasonable hard wood in the future with the correct proportions but not now.
2015-09-13 17.07.16
Sadly the images of painting got corrupted but i just used cheep acrylic paint from the works. didin’t do much detail work ┬álike scuffed edges or anything yet.
Then i started making the handle., i had some wooden dowel in the┬áMakerspace and Borrowed a book from my Girl friend about making puppets and copied one of the diagrams in it. Nice old book. I cut the straight bits on the laser cutter and then used the scroll saw to make any changes and cut though any bits that didn’t lazer all the way through. Got a pack of hooks from Poundland and hand screwed them in.

Puppet book here!
2015-09-20 23.11.41 2015-09-20 23.11.29

2015-09-19 12.19.21

2015-09-19 13.21.02

Here’s what it looks like , the top bar can be removed to move the arms independently from the rest and the 2nd bar down is connected to the legs and has a thumb hoop that can be easily moved to make the puppet walk (move legs)

2015-09-19 14.48.08
Back to the puppet, then i linked him all up
2015-09-19 13.49.11
2015-09-19 12.19.15
Since the clay is still kinda soft i just cut some wire and bent it in to hoops and twisted the ends together then pushed them in. Then tied them together with 2 knots in a  piece of thread.
This is him all put together, I really noticed the miss-proportions now so i removed the lower arm section and i think it looks ok now.2015-09-19 14.27.50
Heres the puppet so far, stilll need to finish the paint job.
2015-09-19 14.48.03 - Copy