Raspberry Pi based Time-lapse box

Having used the Raspberry Pi and camera board to create some time lapses of clouds in the sky, I wanted to move on to something smaller scale, and thought that flowers decomposing would make an interesting video.  Previously when trying to film some plants growing in my house, the problem I discovered was that the shots taken at various points throughout the day had varying levels of brightness due to the natural light.  This resulted in a flicker on the video.  Although this could probably be balanced out with software, I decided to take another approach.

The plan is to have a box, with LED lights inside to act as a flash.  The ‘flash’ will be controlled by the GPIO pins on the Pi, via a relay allowing me to power this with a 9V battery, or DC adapter.  This ensures the light level will be constant in every shot, and of course because the flowers are decomposing there’s no need for natural light.

I’ve put together a box made of a conti-board shelf, which was cheap, and makes a nice white backdrop for the shots.  You can see the LED lights around the top edge of the box.











Stay tuned for more updates on this.  Meanwhile, here’s a previous time-lapse of Dundee: