Notify the Fleeple

I work in Fleet Collective, a co-working space in the centre of Dundee.

There was general chatter one day that we needed a “bacon beacon” to signal everyone in the office to let them know that you are going for bacon and people can then request bacon to be picked up for them.

It was a dumb idea, but I like dumb ideas so I made it!

Notify the Fleeple is made up of 2 parts: A physical box with a bunch of buttons and a web app that sends notifications.

The box is just 6 buttons and a led hooked up to a Particle Photon. It’s all very basic electronics. It makes use of Particle’s amazing features to send events out to a node web app every time a button is pressed.

The inside of the Notify the Fleeple box

The web app is very basic as well. It uses PushBullet to send notifications to everyone who is signed up.


Once you are logged in via PushBullet users can notify everyone else that they are getting bacon and everyone will then get a notification on their phone and reply saying what sort of sauce they want on their bacon.


At the moment we have functionality for bacon, beer and a coffee timer. I’m sure there will be more to come.

The source code for the web app is available on GitHub.