Makeblock Robot Kit

I won a Robot Kit when I was at a hacker meetup in London. I’d never heard of Makeblock before but I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed so far. They do loads of different kits using open source hardware and standardised parts. The finished robot can then be modded with extra sensors or your own components. Apparently those holes are the right size to be Lego compatible, though I haven’t tested this yet.

Robot wheels

I was impressed by the quality of the machined Aluminium parts. The anodised finish is really nice.

Robot Parts

The parts all fit together really precisely. Excellent build quality

Tiny Screws

The world’s tiniest screws. I took a photo to remember them by because they’ll probably get lost within an hour.

Building the robot

His head has a proximity sensor, his body contains the main board, and the chassis has tank treads and a couple of 9V motors to power them.

Finished robot

And here he is fully assembled