Make a cheap SLA 3d printer?

There are 2 main consumer grade 3D printer types. Flament and resin. Printers like the Makerbot and the Ultimaker use filament, a plastic wire which gets extruded through a hot end which draws several 2D layers on top of one and other. This takes a long time and can be rough depending on what filament your using , the size of nozzle etc.

Resin or SLA based printing is a similar process but instead of extruding it cures photo sensitive resin which moved up or down every layer and a laser or DLP projector to harden the liquid.


I found this really cheap DIY printer.
It uses:
Andarduino (Mega?) + motor driver board (ramps)
cd/dvd Player parts
Drinking glass
DLP Projector
3d printing Resin

other builds online :

Ramps instructions:
tips video on ramps:


sprinter : arduino firmware :
printing software: creation works :
Matrial: resin : ftd :
resin : makerjuce :

Make your own resin , dono if it works:,10142


Stuff to do :
Find schematic for connecting motor driver board to arduino and motor.