Jenga Gun


A  while ago I came across this video by Mathias Wandel:

I thought it was a really cool idea so it stuck with me.  After I joined the makerspace here, I figured it would be a pretty simple and fun first project.  I don’t have anything close to a blueprint for this, I used laser cutter scraps and trial-and-error to make it.  Some of the design even ended up on the pieces themselves.  I haven’t tested it yet with an actual set of Jenga blocks but it should have enough power.


As mentioned, there’s not a blueprint but I also didn’t take many photos of the build itself.  The design is very simple and should be pretty obvious from the following photos.

SideB SideA

One change I made was to go from a glued on piece of MDF(?) to contain the bolt to a wire.  The MDF started coming off, allowed the bolt to sag too far down and created extra friction.

BarrelBefore BarrelAfter

Loaded and ready to be fired.


The bolt itself.  The notch on the left is where it gets stopped from moving forward.


Outstanding Issues

One issue that has arisen is the trigger mechanism.  It worked surprisingly well for a first go but is now not catching 100% of the time.  Hopefully just modifying the two faces that meet will fix it, I’d rather not have to change the entire mechanism.