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Chris mentioned this
And i had wanted to make a VR headset like the Oculus Rift at the maker space. This was perfect, a pizza box, trip to Poundland and a new phone and hey presto. I made 2 for good measure.
2014-07-25 22.40.54
Also had to buy a new phone but got one cheep on ebay , nexus 4 works great.
Poundlands quality control is not the best so should check the lenses don’t have a rainbow or are fuzzy before buying them. Heres what they should look like , glasses repair kit. x2014-07-25 22.40.03
Expandable options, Motion tracking/syncing with Kinect over network.
kinect phone
I got this working but its not optimized.
did it using unity 3D with the Kinect tracking on the PC and then sending the bone info over the network to the phone and letting the phone do the smooth head tracking to feel less jarring.
More work in the near future 😀 and hopefully DIY Omni intigration.