Embroidery Machine Testing

Brother Galaxie 2100

Testing various fabrics, yarns and pattern styles on this machine to find what works well and what doesn’t

Run #1:

  • Plain Weave cotton bed sheet, rough, medium yarn count. Small, finer spools of embroidery thread. No backing.
  • Poor resolution and coverage, stitches pull warp and weft threads in causing gaps where 2 colours should join in the pattern.
  • The final track has very fine lines and very small stitches, the upper thread on this track frayed and broke about 4 times. Is this due to the nature of the pattern or a fault in the yarn?
  • The underthread didn’t catch in the stitches on the third track inititally, but did after about 10 stitches. Luckily it was in the initial pathfinder line and was stitched back in, is this a tension issue?

Run #2

  • Consistent breaking of top thread in all runs.
  • After talking to someone who knows more of these things, we reckon it’s a tension issue with the top thread and the machine is not adjusting the tension properly anymore.
  • I have asked for a quote for this repair from a number of sewing machine repair technicians and am awaiting responses
  • In addition, we have run out of needles due to breakages. I have taken some from my own machine, but we need to get a supply for the machine. I will source these today.