eChanter Build (electronic bagpipes)

Iv been wanting to make this for year but never got round to it and now there are a bunch of really good open source projects on making them so  i don’t even have to do any of the hard work .
The commercial alternatives are quite expensive and cost upwards of £200 but this version is on a small budget as its my prototype il make a few with better looks and stuff later.
Thanks to the guys from “echanter” all I need to do was follow the easy instructions here
First find a suitable long cilander for the pipe, the tutorial on the site uses a sprinkler extension pipe but i found a sturdy cardboard tube from the inside of some tinfoil.

2015-05-24 20.10.38

I used nails soldered to the wires which went to the arduino. then just taped over the edges to keep them down.

2015-05-24 20.10.52

2015-05-24 20.11.01

I lost a lot of the photos for this build and have made a few iterations since starting so sorry for the lack of good photos.

Some nails for the finger sensors and a cheep £3 arduino micro clone of ebay.

At the moment the echanter only works while plugged in via usb or to the makerspace bench power supply.

I found out later thanks to Tom that the arduino has a 5v voltage regulator built in so i could just use a 9v batery 😀

I took a  trip to maplin and homebases and got a bag of transistors and a really long pole meant for a ccurtain pole or something, it said 10.99 next to it on the shelf but only came up as £3 something so i was really happy. I got it back and realized that it would be a tight squeeze for the arduino so i tried to trim off the header pins and in the presses might have broke the ground pin , so il be more careful. Also picked up a small black hobby box that should fit the arduino and 9 v batery. What i forgot to buy as some metal rod like described in the tutorial. but i had a lot of screws with long un-threaded sections so just cut them down and then added a notch in the center of each of them at one end so i could stick the wire in there and still have a tight fit in the holes in the pipe. Then super culed them in place
2015-05-24 20.41.11

I fit all the electronics into the hoby box and hot glued the pope to the box on the inside.
2015-05-24 20.42.56    2015-05-24 19.50.18



Then I made a bag and another pipe just to see what it felt liek with a fake bag, filled it with sponge to get the right feel.

2015-04-13 19.47.24

2015-04-13 19.47.45

And finally i made another one out of wood:
After the wiring being so annoying in the pipe i decided to make a removable front panel , also i was annoyed by the feeling of the rods sticking out instead of being a hole like in the actual instrument. I found some belt rivets.
So i started with a wooden dowel, chomped off a tangent and made a cavity with a chisel.
2015-05-04 19.28.25
2015-05-04 20.41.27

Then i laser cut a panel with holes in it for the rivets. then UHU guled them in and wire them up and gave it a test on the amp.
2015-05-04 21.52.07

2015-05-07 18.28.55

Then cut a rounded box on the laser cutter , it cracked a little bit i just hot glued it in place.
2015-05-09 11.56.08

2015-05-11 20.03.39

Then I duct taped them up to keep things together.

2015-05-24 19.50.01

To be continued, I still wana make a nicely finished one out of wood. and next one I’l make with the new version of the Arduino code on the site. And after that i might make an electronic ocarina.