Dyslexic text Based Adventure Game

This week its Dyslexia awareness week.

I’v been Working on this game about simulating the frustration of having dyslexia. I’m using unity and the fungus plugin to organize the game flow.

Iv took some of the work from the Fat City Workshop training days

I’m Dyslexic and have made this game to let others feel my frustration when games are too text heavy and it makes it almost impossible for me to play them.

Heres the trailer:

Heres where you can get it. free or donation at the moment as it’s in early access.



Future plans.

Link up chapter select menus and saving.

add various completion bonuses, such as play with no text messing, play with no strobe, play with voice over, play with illustrations, play with the open dyslexic font(which in my experience is not the magic cure for reading and I feel this will be well demonstrated in this game), play with color overlays, an option which when you mouse over a word it becomes unjumbled. Would also be nice to get some good analytics in place which could tell me where people are getting stuck, help me fix hard sections and make some graphs for research purposes.


Heres my Game Website