3D Printed Ocarina

I like to play the Ocarina, and I have a a few in my collection, but there is one I like to play a lot more than any other ones, and it was actually my first Ocarina and in my opinion sounds the best. This is it.
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I tried to take careful measurements of all aspects of the Ocarina and recreate it in Blender. I made the basic shape and hollowed it out and then used a boolean modifier to add the holes so I could easly adjust it if they were the wrong size later.
I printed it on its side so I could print it all in one piece, unlike the first two halved Ocarina I got from thingiverse. Printing it on its side reduced the overhand compared to if I had printed it flat, and also it should require less support material. This is a more robust, a pre built 3d printer, which is fairly unknown but does the job.


I think I choose the wrong profile for printing as the supports stuck to the model quite a bit and got a bit stringy, so I took a soldering iron to it on the other side of some grease proof paper to minimise burn marks and try for a smoother finish.

The sound was also not quite right as it played the bottom two notes really quietly, so I again took a soldering iron and a craft knife to the voicing area and made the air passage wider and smoothed out the voicing lip. After getting the sounds reliable up the entire scale there was some fine tuning require to the holes, a couple needed to be increased slightly, but one needed to be reduced and I had to melt some of the support material and merge it over the hole, not the prettiest but it does the job.

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The other thing I realised was that I made a mistake somewhere in the careful measuring, my new 3d model is not as tall as the original which raised the base note one higher as far as I can tell.

I will try to print this again with a few modifications to replicated the height of the original, which may also change the size the holes need to be, but once I get it right i will upload to thingiverse so everyone can make one.