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Project Maker Status Last Updated
Total Rendition Mordechai Gabai Making 2019-03-28 View Project
The Orrery Mordechai Gabai Making 2019-01-18 View Project
Dyslexic text Based Adventure Game Alastair Low 2018-10-05 View Project
String Puppets Alastair Low Made 2017-05-29 View Project
Makeblock Robot Kit Gordon Made 2016-11-17 View Project
Mobile phone IR remote control Gordon Making 2016-11-17 View Project
Give the Robot Wifi Gordon Idea 2016-11-15 View Project
Raspberry Pi Jukebox Gordon Made 2016-11-15 View Project
Audio Amplifier Enclosure Zac Holmes Making 2016-08-30 View Project
Fix a Missing xbox 360 controller usb cable (Vlog) Alastair Low Idea 2016-08-07 View Project
Vape Battery Removal Tool Zac Holmes Made 2016-08-01 View Project
Jenga Gun Zac Holmes Made 2016-08-01 View Project
Hacker Toys: Bus Pirate Gordon Made 2016-06-13 View Project
Make a cheap SLA 3d printer? David Thomson Idea 2016-03-28 View Project
Retrocomputing wiktor Idea 2016-02-28 View Project
Notify the Fleeple Grant Richmond Made 2015-12-09 View Project
Making gears Andrew Kieran Making 2015-10-22 View Project
Smart Radio Alarm Clock Grant Richmond Making 2015-10-18 View Project
Interlocking plates Andrew Kieran Making 2015-10-11 View Project
Raspberry Pi based Time-lapse box Jonathan Scharf Making 2015-09-03 View Project
Embroidery Machine Testing Andrew Kieran Making 2015-08-17 View Project
Frankenloom Andrew Kieran Idea 2015-07-30 View Project
Sega Mega Drive Made Multi Platform Kerry Kidd Idea 2015-07-13 View Project
3D Printed Ocarina Alastair Low Made 2015-05-31 View Project
eChanter Build (electronic bagpipes) Alastair Low Making 2015-05-24 View Project
3ds Circle pad fix (Hopefully…) Alastair Low Making 2015-05-23 View Project
S.T.U.P.I.D. Grant Richmond Made 2015-01-18 View Project
Kinect 4Wv2 KanBan Board Gareth James Idea 2014-08-12 View Project
Google Cardboard Alastair Low Making 2014-07-28 View Project
Dundee MakerSpace Spaceship 1 Paul Sutherland Making 2014-07-28 View Project
The Smart Shower Grant Richmond Idea 2014-07-24 View Project