Membership Levels

Here you can sign up to be a member or a supporter of Dundee MakerSpace.

Full Membership

As a full member you get full access to the space and equipment as well as some storage space to keep your projects. You also get access to the digital offerings including the website and any other resources we create.

Memberships run on a monthly rolling basis and cost a minimum of £25 a month although paying more is also much appreciated. There is also a £10 joining fee that covers the cost of getting your keys cut and your storage space.

All membership fees are put straight back into the MakerSpace to cover rent, utilities, buying new equipment etc.


For those of you who can’t make use of a full access membership but still want the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out Dundee MakerSpace. You can become a supporter by setting up a small monthly donation via PayPal.

You get access to all our digital offerings including the website and any other online resources. Just click the button below to get started.

Don't Forget

Whenever we're open we are open to everyone, member or not to come in and use our facilities free of charge!

Level Price  
MakerSpace Member £25.00 per Month. Select
MakerSpace Supporter £5.00 per Month. Select
MakerSpace Member (Student) £10.00 now and then £15.00 per Month. Select

Referral System

We run a referral system where anyone who gets another member to join gets both themself and and the new member a free month.

This includes new memberships as well - meaning if you sign up with a friend you will both get a free month!

* Minimum 2 month membership in all cases. Free months applied in the form of refunds.

Can't Afford a Membership?

We will consider reduced cost memberships if there are special circumstances or you are able to contribute in some other way.

If this is the case please email to find out more.

Group Membership

We also offer reduced rates for group memberships. Group membership starts with a single full membership and then you can add on various options:

  • An extra user of your key for £7.50 p/m (max 4 extra)
  • £5 p/m for an extra storage area

We felt it is important to treat companies and individuals the same so these offers are available to everyone.

Please email to find out more.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately we can not provide refunds. Memberships can be cancelled at any point without the need for a notice period (providing no minimum length agreement is in place).