Meet the Makers

  • Paul Sutherland

    Paul Sutherland

    Member of Dundee MakerSpace from its formation in 2014 and joined the Board of Directors in June 2014.

    Paul is a fanatic of all things Linux and FOSS and has been creating software solutions for both business and pleasure since early school days. Paul particularly enjoys web development, is a huge supporter of Plone and Node and experiments continuously with new technology.

    Paul is passionate about the success of Dundee MakerSpace and he believes that if you have an interest or passion in making, don't hesitate, come along and join in. You will be warmly welcomed and you will learn new skills, meet new friends and will be introduced to some incredibly bright and clever people.

    Paul is a keen runner, mountain climber and lives in Wormit with his wife Tracy and son Arran.

  • Alastair Low

    Alastair Low

    3d/2d game artist working at Ninja kiwi, recent-ish Abertay graduate. Interested in games, films , music gadgets, and more awesome arty gadgets in general.
    Big blender 3D fan :D


  • David Martin

    I am a lecturer in bioinformatics at the University of Dundee. Part of my spare time is spent taking things apart, putting them back together and making stuff to do interesting things.

    I have built a few interesting arduino based things - a camera turntable for generating rotating video of museum specimens, a mini genome scroller that uses neopixel strips to display DNA sequences, and a timing system for a mountain bike pump track.

    Always keen to build things that do stuff, whether for fun or with some utilitarian purpose. I'm planning to do some renewable energy with microbial based soil batteries.

  • Kris Findlay

  • Tiziana Loni

    Tiziana Loni

    3D artist, moved from Italy do Dundee to take a break, reflect and make something new.
    Obstinate professional user of Open Source Graphics Software Blender 3D since 2006.

  • Ross Kilgariff

    Ross Kilgariff

    Director at Dundee Makerspace, multiplayer systems programmer at Ninja Kiwi Europe (Dundee-based games development studio).

    Strongly interested in video games, music, electronics, and the creative process.

    Always happy to help people get their projects underway!


  • Claire Walker

    Claire Walker

    I love writing fiction as well as all things technology. Occasionally hack around in python and Ruby. Former Abertay computing graduate. I'm a sometime web developer and build sites for friends and a few local bands.

    You'll usually find me in a corner with my macbook with either scrivener or pycharm up.

  • Kerry Kidd

    Hi I am a computing Graduate. I love to program and tinker with hardware, which I suppose go hand in hand with my enthusiasm over the raspberry pi.


  • Gordon


    I just finished studying Ethical Hacking at Abertay Uni. I like to break things and sometimes I manage to put them back together. I have a pet robot.


  • Felix Bauer

    Felix Bauer

  • Roddy Meise

  • Gareth Williams

  • Thomas Hope

  • wiktor

  • Tony Canning

    Tony Canning

  • Antanas Budvytis

  • Dale Martyn

  • joseph gormanly

    joseph gormanly

    i love to invent items and 3d printing will help me make my dreams come true

  • Andrew Macdonald

    Final year game programmer studying at Abertay University. Chair of IGDA Scotland. Virtual reality nutter and PlayStation 2 hacker.

  • Gareth James


  • mairi collins

    mairi collins

    Dundee based designer and jeweller - metalwork, woodwork, modelmaking, origami and terrariums.
    Keep an eye out for my workshops and classes @ the makerspace :)