Making a start

The MakerSpace journey has been slow and steady so far. But up until now it has been a lot of talking and not a lot of doing.

This all changed at our last meeting.

A bunch of us crammed into a little room, very kindly donated to us by the Nilupul Foundation.

The Dundee MakerSpace Members Making a StartIt’s not exactly spacious and definitely not glamorous but it is a start!

Being a newbie to Arduino programming my crowning glory was to get a led to flash. I could have done this at home but it was incredibly beneficial to learn the absolute basics from some of the more experienced members.

A glorious flashing LED

Some of the other things that were being worked on were mind bending virtual reality games with Google Cardboard, a simple theremin and a bit of work on a server.

What next?

There are much bigger plans in the works. At the moment we are on the hunt for a cheap little space of our own to start out with the hopes of something much more exciting happening soon in Dundee in collaboration with MAKLab, Skill Share, NEoN, Fleet Collective and much more…