Hello World

The Dundee MakerSpace aims to be a social workspace for anyone from any background who wants to make anything.

Progress so far

At the moment we are in the planning phase discussing many facets of how to get started such as business structures, location and membership policies.

Location location location

At the time of writing we have a shortlist of about 6 properties that might be suitable for us. The idea is to go around and have a look at them to see which will be the most suitable for our needs.

Our requirements

We have a list of requirements we are basing our search off of, which includes:

  • A central location
  • 24 hour access
  • ┬áMultiple keys for members
  • A short term lease
  • An understanding landlord who doesn’t mind about us sawing, soldering and general tinkering at all hours
  • Fairly cheap rates (we’re not millionaires)

There are many more items on our list which we are using to evaluate potential locations.

Branding & promotion

We have been hard at work with ideas for branding and promotion. A logo is in development & this website is now up and running.

In terms of promoting ourselves we are planning on getting linked up with various tech and creative groups around Dundee.

Funding & business practices

We are currently looking into the best way to set up as a business, insurance policies we will require and how to fund the MakerSpace.

In researching business structures and potential funding methods we discovered the Dundee Social Enterprise Network. This aligns perfectly with our goals of contributing back to the community rather than financial gain. To this end we have set up a meeting with a representative from the Dundee Social Enterprise Network in a couple of weeks time.

We are also considering other ways of raising money including initial members chipping in their own money to then get back when the MakerSpace is making money and crowdfunding.

How can you help out?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in we welcome as much input and help as we can get. The first thing to do is sign up to the mailing list on the get involved page. You can also request access to our trello board. We are also holding regular planning meetings that anyone is welcome to come along to, the details of these are available on the events page

Happy making!