Dundee MakerSpace is a community workshop and is about being part of the global drive to encourage everyone to be creative. We are an open organisation that aims to bring the global drive to Dundee, creating an open and creative space for anyone to learn and to collaborate on exciting projects. Dundee MakerSpace brings together people with diverse creative, scientific and artistic backgrounds and interests regardless of experience.

Dundee MakerSpace helps to nurture, grow and promote creative ideas and projects and help to guide them into products and businesses, enhancing local skills and creating job opportunities.

The Business

Dundee MakerSpace is a limited company and a sustainable business. We do not rely on grants or external funding to keep us running (although they are gladly accepted to help improve our offerings).

We are run by a board of 3 directors who are all members of the MakerSpace.

As an open company almost everything we do is available for anyone to find. Want to see all our discussions before we started? Then maybe you want to look at the mailing list archives. Want to see our business documents? Most of those are on our google drive.